Artist’s Bio
Born and raised in South Korea and based in London, Dongeun Alice Lee graduated from UAL: Chelsea College of Arts BA (Hons) Fine Art. In her series ‘Who in the www am I?’ Lee explores questions of identity in the digital era, where the avatar named ‘Alice’ acts as an alter ego for Dongeun Alice Lee. She has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in South Korea, New York, Italy and the UK. Alongside her personal work she has also produced moving images and films as an art director.


2016 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, London.

Solo Exhibitions

2021 COMMUNICATION: Alice of the floating WWW, Yeoju Museum of Art: Ryeo (Yeoju, South Korea)

2018 COMMUNICATION:Alice in the www, Soohoh Gallery (Sungnam, South Korea)

2017 COMMUNICATION:S.O.S:Who in the www am I?, Blank Space Gallery (New York, USA)

2016 COMMUNICATION:Alice in the www, Alice Forest Art Museum (Yeoju, South Korea)

2011 COMMUNICATION, Chosun Ilbo Art Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

2009 COMMUNICATION, Kyung In Gallery, Phone Art Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

Selected Exhibitions

2008 ~ 2021 Yeoju Fine Arts Association Exhibition, Yeoju Museum of Art (Yeoju, South Korea)

2021 2021 Soohoh Art Concert: Layered, Baek space (Seoul, South Korea)

2021 10th Busan Annual Market of Art, Bexco Hall 2&3 Exhibition Centre 1 (Busan, South Korea)

2020 Art in Life, Yeter Art Museum (Yeoju, South Korea)

2020 The Art Power, Yangpyeong Art Museum (Yangpyeong, South Korea)

2020 Bon Coeur With Soohoh, Soohoh Gallery (Sungnam, South Korea)

2019 Fashion in Art, Daebaek Plaza Gallery/Moon 101 Gallery/ Museum Story (Deagu, South Korea)

2019 Fairy tale of December, Art Museum Ryeo (Yeoju, South Korea)

2019 Utopia Garden, KDC Hall (South Korea)

2019 The Other Side of the Moon, Oxo Tower (London, UK)

2018 2018 Soohoh Art Concert, Seoul Arts Centre/SAC Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

2018 2018 DK: Design Korea, KINTEX (Goyang, South Korea)

2018 Butterfly Effect,  Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf (London, UK)

2017 2017 Soohoh Art Concert, Soohoh Gallery/SeongNam Arts Centre/Cube Art Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

2017 International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2017, Art Gallery Le Logge (Siena, Italy)

2017 AEON2017 (London, UK)

2017 London Nostalgia, Avantgarde Rooftop (Seoul, South Korea)

2016 Having own artwork on each Family (Yeoju, South Korea)

2016 FANTASY, De FloRe Gallery (Seoul, South Korea)

2016 Chelsea College of Arts Undergraduate Summer Show 2016 (London, UK)

2016 going together (Yeoju, South Korea)

2015 Translation, Morgue House (London, UK)

2015 WAYS OF SEEING, Art Represent (London, UK)

2014 The Moment, Happy Church (London, UK)

2014 OUTSIDE IN, The Dog House (London, UK)

2010 Young Artist Art Festival, Gallery JIREH (Heyri, South Korea)

2009 Picture Show of Korea-China-Japan Art City, World Ceramic Biennale Special Pavilion (Yeoju, South Korea)

2009 Kyung-Gi Art Institute Member Invitation Exhibition, Echeon Art Hall (Echeon, South Korea)

2009 Find the Five Senses of Digilog, Korea Electronic Art Gallery (Seoul, South Korea)

2008 Invitation to the Scenery of the Phone Museum, Kyung In Gallery (Seoul, South Korea)

2008 Phone Museum Young Artist Lee Dong Eun Exhibition, Gallery YETER (Yeoju, South Korea)

2008 Phone & Kuma, Gallery Yeter (Yeoju, South Korea)

2003 into the Pupils of the Children’s Eyes, Jong Ro Gallery (Seoul, South Korea)


2020 Finalist - 2021 Yeoju Museum of Art as this year’s Artist

2017 Shortlist - 2018 British Airways Calendar,The Beauty of Travel

2017 Shortlist - The Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2018

2017 Finalist - 9th Soohoh Artist Contest

2017 Finalist - the best new work of representational art as this year’s emerging artist

2017 Selected - this year’s international emerging artist


2017  Arte Studio Ginestrelle, Italy.

2016  Alice Forest Creative Studio at YETER Culture Space, South Korea.