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image credit: Courtesy of artist EUNMI MIMI KIM

OPENING Publication on Apr 2nd

Artist’s Bio

‘Once, self-care was the new me-time, which was the new pampering, a trio of saccharine terms that can seem hopelessly out of date in a world that’s so strange and terrifying. Maybe the only sane antidote to an insane world is an even less sane one, like this work called <Me-Time(4.0): mindfulness-introspection void(2018)>, which seems to suggest we escape the world by simply cocooning ourselves up and popping ourselves in a bowl. Me Time(4.0) by Eunmi Mimi Kim is simultaneously compelling, eerie and comforting.  She recently showed her work in a group show, The Other Side of The Moon, which presented artworks that  merge the familiar with the alien —something this piece does very well indeed.’

Elephant Magazine, text written for ‘Image of the Day’ section

Eunmi Mimi Kim(b. South Korea, 1988) is a UK-based, Korean-born artist. She completed her undergraduate degree in BA Fine Arts, Multimedia & Interactive Design, at Hanyang University, Korea and received her MA at the Royal College of Art, London UK where she studied Information Experience & Experimental Design. She is an emerging interdisciplinary artist, focusing on new media art that experiments with technologically mediated audio and visual installations, and performance art in relation to the theme of sensory experiences. Her art practice is based on contemplative, technical and theoretical experimentations, exploring the concept of sensory perception and its corresponding methods of communication, questioning how we perceive the world around us through the senses. 

김은미 (b. 1988, KR)는 한양대학교에서 멀티미디어 & 인터랙티브 디자인을 공부하였고 영국 왕립 미술 대학원에 서 MA 실험적 디자인을 석사 학위를 취득한 후 런던을 기반으로 활동하고 있는 뉴 미디어 실습가이다. 그 녀는 현대 미술의 테두리 안에서 다양한 미디어와 기술을 바탕으로 실험과 연구를 하는 예술가로서 유럽지역을 바 탕으로 입지를 다지고 있다. 디지털 이후의 미디어아트, 다원 예술, 사운드 아트, 관람객의 감각 경험을 추구하는 공 간예술 등을 작업하고 있고, 탈감각화 · 체화된 인지 · 뇌과학 · 음향 심리학에 기반하여 융·복합적 기술을 활용하여 감각 경험 그것에 상응하는 의사소통 그 이면을 연구한다.