Researcher/Practitioner Performing Arts 

Haeeun LEE

Artist’s Bio
Trained in performance design (B.A Hons) and Neuroaesthetics (MSc), Hennie is a research based practitioner in performing arts based in London. As the co-founder of Ludic, a multidisciplinary arts collective, Hennie has been producing projects around Europe and Korea.

Investigating the neurophysiological and embodied levels of cognitive processes as the action generator, her practice often invites and guides the participants/viewers to acknowledge, unlearn and invert one’s solidified schema through speculative exploration.

Hennie is currently devising experimental paradigms to study the effect of improvised somatic interactions on brain-to-brain coupling.


Performance Design  

2020 The Tale of Bari (live illustration), Bluebeard Collective, Euljispace (Seoul, South Korea)

2017 ONE DAY, MAYBE (costume design), Dreamthinkspeak, Hull UK City of Culture 2017, Hull (UK)

2016 The Most Personal (costume and graphic design), MARC Factory, Theatre Lab  Hyehwa (Seoul, South Korea)

2016 Miss Flea of Inn Goobon (scenography), MARC Factory, Media Art Research  Centre, Kyonggi University (Seoul South Korea)

2015 NW10 7HQ London, The Art of Living (scenography), The Rag Factory (London, UK)

2015 ABSENT (assistant design), Dreamthinkspeak, LIFT Festival 2015, Shoreditch  Town Hall (London, UK)

Residency & Exhibition  

2018 Architecture of Skagen - Before and Now, Skagen Odde Nature Centre (Skagen, Denmark)

2016 INCOMPLETE 3: Flea (live installation), Share Project: Lab, Seoul Art Space  Seogyo (Seoul, South Korea)

2015 Everything Under the Sun – in the age of FOODIE-ism (residency), Agora  Collective (Berlin, Germany)

2014 INCOMPLETE 2 (live installation), Accidental Festival, Roundhouse (London, UK) 2013 INCOMPLETE> (live installation), Somewhere to Re: Store London, East Street  Market (London, UK)


Ludic Collective   

/ User-Friendly-Guides Series (UFGs) 
2021 Art and Landscape Narratives, Muzeul Național al Țăranului Român (Bucharest, Romania)

2021 Plant-Human (workshop), Blooming Ludus Green Forum (online)

2020 - 2021 SKOGEN Study Group Monthly somatic workshop (online)

2020 Nature Art Video exhibition, Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2020, Yeonmisan Nature Art Park (Gongju, South Korea)

/ Re-boot: Unlearning Schemata Technique 
2019 Workshop and immersive performance, Re-GENERATOR: Micro-festival de arte  performative, HALA FiX (Iasi, Romania)

2018 Research residency (workshop and public sharing), Seoul Dance Center (Seoul, South Korea)

2018 Movement workshop, National Center of Dance (CNDB) (Bucharest, Romania)

/ Planet i.  
2018 Durational performance, 13Festivalen, Konstepidemin (Gothenburg, Sweden)

2017 Immersive performance, ARTHUB (Bucharest, Romania)

2017 Open Studio, CLOUDdanslab (Den Haag, Netherlands)

2016 Research residency and workshop, CLOUDdanslab (Den Haag, Netherlands)

2015 Intense workshop series, Summerhill school (Suffolk, UK)




Lee, H., Cracco, E., and Orgs, G. (2019) Neural entrainment to rhythmical apparent movement maps onto aesthetic liking and complexity judgements, Poster session presented at the Visual Science of Art Conference, Leuven, KU.

Williams, C., T.H. Bui, K. Yoshida and Lee, H.E. (2018) Art as peace education at “dark”  museums and sites in UK, Europe and South-East Asia, Asian Journal of Peacebuilding.