Artist’s Bio
Minyoung Choi (1989. Born in Seoul, South Korea. Lives and works in London, UK.) is an artist who focuses primarily on oil painting. She graduated from an MFA Painting Course at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2017 and is currently living and working in London. She completed her BFA(2007-2010) and MFA(2011-2013) in Painting at Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea before moving to London.

Minyoung has been awarded numerous prizes and residencies, among which the Next Generation Art Prize, part of the Wells Art Contemporary Award in 2018, the Henry Tonks Prize in 2017, the Slade Summer School Residency in 2017 and the Olvera Contemporary Arts Centre Residency in Olvera, Spain in 2017. She was a finalist of the RBA Rising Stars in 2019, the Gilchrist-Fisher Award in 2018 and the Chadwell Award in 2017. Recently, she has participated in the RA Summer Exhibition and Saatchi Gallery’s ‘Antisocial Isolation’ curated by Delphian Gallery in 2020. She has exhibited in Seoul and across the UK, Athens, Lisbon, Olvera and Sydney. Upcoming exhibitions include: Duo Exhibition with Mircea Teleaga at Copeland Gallery with bo.lee gallery, London, 2021 and a Solo exhibition at Lychee One Gallery, London, 2021.

런던을 기반으로 활동하는 작가 최민영(b. 1989)은 회화를 주요 매체로 다루고 있다. 서울대학교 서양화과에서 학사(2007-2010)와 석사(2011-2013)를 취득하였고, 2017년 유니버시티 칼리지 런던(UCL) 슬레이드 미술대학에서 회화 석사 학위를 취득하였다. 2018년에 웰스 아트 컨템포러리 어워드에서 넥스트 제너레이션 아트 프라이즈를 수상하였다. 2017년에는 슬레이드에서 헨리 통크 프라이즈와 슬레이드 써머스쿨 레지던시에 선정되었고, 같은 해에 스페인의 현대미술센터의 레지던시 프로그램에 초청작가로 참여하였다. 2019년에 로열 소사이어티 오브 브리티시 아티스트(RBA), 2018년에 길크리스트-피셔 어워드, 2017년 체드웰 어워드 등의 파이날 리스트에 올랐다.
최근에는 영국 왕립미술원(RA)의 ‘여름 전시(Summer Exhibition)’와 사치 갤러리에서 델피안 갤러리가 기획한 ‘반사회적 고립(Antisocial Isolation)’(2020) 에 참여 하는 등 런던에서 다수의 기획전에 참여하였다. 그동안 서울, 영국, 아테네, 리스본, 올베라, 시드니 등지에서 기획 전시에 참여하였고 3차례 개인전을 가졌다. 2021년 봄에 보.리 갤러리 기획으로 코프랜드 갤러리에서 회화작가 미르챠 텔레아거와 2인전을, 여름에는 런던의 리치 원 갤러리에서 개인전을 개최할 준비를 하고 있다.

2015 - 2017 MFA Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London.
2011 - 2013 MFA Painting, Graduate School, Seoul National University, Seoul.
2007 - 2010 BFA Painting, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul.

Solo Exhibitions
2021  Things that happen when we are not looking, Lychee One, London.
2019  MINYOUNG CHOI, Andelli Art Gallery, Wells, Somerset.
2017  On Water Under Snow, Art in the Bar, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales.
2017  Avanzamos / Volvemos, Olvera Contemporary Art Centre, Olvera, Spain.

Duo Exhibitions
2021  IN CONVERSATION: Part II, Duo Show with Mircea Teleagă, curated by bo.lee Gallery, Copeland Gallery, London.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2020  Antisocial Isolation, Saatchi Gallery, curated by Delphian Gallery, London.
2020  Devil's in the Detail, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London.
2020  Summer Exhibition 2020, Royal Academy of Arts, London.
2020  Staycation, Lychee One Gallery, London.
2020  Three 3.3, online exhibition, bo.lee Gallery, London.
2020  Rooms, Subsidiary Projects, online exhibition, London.
2019  Still Here, The Newington Gallery, London.
2019  RBA Annual Exhibition 2019, The Mall Galleries, London.
2019  Prologue, Offshoot Gallery, London.
2019  Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) Rising Stars Exhibition 2019, The Royal Over-Seas League, London.
2019  Paint: The Seen, The Unseen and The Imagined, Contemporary European Painting, Messums Wiltshire, Wiltshire.
2018  Dream of You, Love Unlimited, Glasgow, Scotland.
2018  Young London Painters, Arthill Gallery, London.
2018  Wells Art Contemporary Award 2018, The Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset.
2018  A Field Guide to Getting Lost, TAF The Art Foundation, Athens, Greece.
2018  The Horse, curated by Noel Mckenna - Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2018  The Beep Biennial International Painting Prize, Swansea College of Art, Swansea.
2018  The Gilchrist-Fisher Award 2018, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London.
2018  Hospital Rooms Fundraiser, Griffin Gallery, London.
2018  Dentons Art Prize 2018, Dentons, London.
2017  Graduate Art Prize, Exchange House, London.
2017  Other Spaces/Slade Summer Residency, Slade School of Fine Art, London.
2017  Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London.

2019  Finalist - The RBA Rising Stars
2018  Winner - Wells Art Contemporary Award- Next Generation Art Prize
2018  Shortlist - The Beep 2018 Biennial International Painting Prize
2018  Finalist - The Gilchrist-Fisher Award
2018  Shortlist - The Dentons Art Prize
2017  The Henry Tonks Prize, Slade School of Fine Art
2017  Finalist - Chadwell Award

Artist-in-Residency Programs
2017 Olvera Contemporary Art Centre Residency in Spain
2017 Slade Summer School Residency

Press and publications

2021  The Economist, "Creatures of the shallows-Minyoung Choi’s fish are symbols of confinement", by Madeleine Pollard
2021  She Perfoms, "How does figurative painting allow for the exploration of abstract concepts?",
2021  Isovist,
2021 Opening with Minyoung Choi,
2020  YCK 매거진, “그 때의 그 기억을 그립니다, '최민영'” by 권도연
2019  Art Maze Magazine, “Memory, Dream and Light in the Paintings of Minyoung Choi” by Rebecca Irvin
2019  Where is the cool, Issue 2, “On Minyoung Choi’s Paintings” by Marie Christoforou
2019  Art Maze Magazine Autumn, Issue 14,