Artist’s Bio

Sin Park is a visual artist and PhD candidate in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art. She completed an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in 2017, and a BFA in Painting from Ewha Womans University in 2012. At the centre of her work is passion for process, discovery, and intuition. Her art is concerned with the perception and recollection of the sensory, and the notion of memory with an approach in momentary gestural actions, responsiveness and the preoccupation for colour, texture and composition. She utilises motifs as a precursor to the indeterminable, through which the real, or that is to say reflections of the real, become entangled within abstract environments embedded within the surface. This all happens through the activity of painting and constructs a liberated space of complexity.

Her recent works were featured in group shows including; A cabinet of Curiosities (Brownsword Hepworth Gallery, London 2020), Open Window (Square Gallery, London 2020), Annual Show (The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh 2020), Elephant Lab (Colart, London 2020), Virtues of the Real/ Necessity of the Imaginary (The Art Space Glasgow 2019), Crocodile Tears (Greenpoint Open Studios,  New York 2019), Skip-Ad; Play (Savoy Center, Glasgow 2018), Odyssey (Summerhall, Edinburgh 2018), One summer night (Crypt Gallery, London 2017), The Arrival (Square Gallery, London 2017), The Abstraction of Continents and The Continent of Abstraction (Lychee One, London 2016), Royal Institute of Oil Painters (Mall Galleries, London 2016). She participated in residencies including Elephant Lab (2020), Aucart Lab London (2019), Summerhouse Dusseldorf (2018) and ARNA Harlösa (2018). She will have a solo show in London in October 2021.

박신 작가는 현재 글라스고 예술학교에서 박사 과정 중이다. 영국 왕립 학교에서 회화 석사(2017), 이화 여자 대학교 회화과 학사(2012)를 취득 하였다. 작가는 작업의 과정과 그 안에서의 발견, 직관에 의한 순간의 선택을 중요시 한다. 작가의 작업은 감각의 인식과 수집된 기억을 기반으로 다양한 색감과 질감을 통해 구성되며 이는 작업 중 순간적인 몸짓과 행동에 대한 반응을 통해 완성된다. 자주 사용하는 모티프를 기반으로 불확실한 결과를 가질 수 밖에 없는 과정을 계속해서 탐구하는데, 이는 페인팅에서 현실을 반영한 이미지와 화면의 추상적 성격이 얽혀져 작업 표면에서 함께 드러난다. 모든 것은 작품 안에서 행위를 통해 이뤄지며 이는 복잡한 자유 공간을 구성한다.

그녀의 최근 작품은 A cabinet of Curiosities (Brownsword Hepworth Gallery, 런던2020), Open Window (Square Gallery, 런던2020), Annual Show (The Royal Scottish Academy, 에딘버러2020), Elephant Lab (Colart, 런던2020), Virtues of the Real / Ncessity of the Imaginary (The Art Space 글라스고2019), Crocodile Tears (Greenpoint Open Studios,뉴욕2019), Skip-Ad; Play (Savoy Center, 글라스고2018), Odyssey (Summerhall, 에딘버러2018), One summer night (Crypt Gallery, 런던2017), The Arrival (Square Gallery, 런던2017), The Abstraction of Continents and The Continent of Abstraction (Lychee One , 런던2016), Royal Institute of Oil Painters (Mall Galleries, 런던2016) 등에서 전시 되었으며, Elephant Lab (런던 2020), Aucart Lab (런던,2019), Summerhouse (뒤셀도르프 2018) 및 ARNA (할로사2018) 레지던시에 참여했다. 2021 년 10 월 런던에서의 개인전이 예정되어 있다.


2017 -              
PhD in Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art
2015 - 2017 MA in Painting, Royal College of Art
2007 - 2012 BA in History of Art, College of Liberal Art
                    B.F.A in Painting, College of Art & Design, Ewha Womans University, Seoul

(upcoming show), London, October 2021
Virtues of Real/ Necessity of Imaginary, The Art Space, Glasgow, 2019                       
To each his own, Sedec Art Gallery, Seoul, 2014
Look at You, Space 15th, Seoul, 2012


(upcoming show), London, July 2021

A cabinet of Curiosities, Brownsword Hepworth Gallery, London
Exh 03, Floorr magazine (online show)
Open Window, Square Gallery, London
Annual Show, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Elephant Lab, Colart, London

Crocodile Tears, Greenpoint Open Studios 2019, New York
Bath Open Art Prize 2019, Fringe Arts Bath Festival, 44AD Artspace, Bath
Aucart LAB, 189 Gloucester Place, London
Flourish award 2018 tour, Spike Print Studio, Bristol

Flourish award 2018 tour, PR1Gallery at the university of central Lancashire, Preston
U-Star, Albereta Relais & Chateaux, Milan
Flourish award 2018, West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Mirfield, West Yorkshire
Summerhouse, Lindenbecker Weg, Düsseldorf, Germany
ARNA opening studio, Harlösa, Sweden
Skip-Ad; Play, Savoy Center, Glasgow
Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2018 Shortlist Show, Ashurst LLP, London
No Safe Haven, The Pipe Factory Gallery, Glasgow
Odysseys (SYN Festival Edinburgh), Summerhall, Edinburgh

One summer night, Crypt Gallery, London
RCA Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London
The Arrival, Square Gallery, London
Under the see, Crypt Gallery, London

The Abstraction of Continents and The Continent of Abstraction, Lychee One, London                                           
Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries, London
Lost in the woods, Square Gallery, London
Shadow(Lichfield Festival), Lichfield Cathedral(Emporium Art gallery), Lichfield
Nothing To See Here, Square gallery, London
Fine Art Work-In-Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London

Hopper Prize 2019 (Finalist)
Bath Open Art Prize 2019  (Finalist)
Flourish Award 2018, RK Burt&co. Prize, West Yorkshire, UK (Awardee)
Summerhouse2018, Düsseldorf, Germany (Awardee)
Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2018, London, UK (Shortlisted)
Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award 2016, London (Shortlisted)
The Lichfield Prize 2016, Emporium Art gallery, Lichfield (Finalist)
Noticeable Works Award 2013, Ewha Womans University, Seoul (Awardee)

Artist Talk, Sotheby’s institute of Art, 2019
Visiting Artist, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, 2019
Artist Talk, Glasgow School of Art, 2019
Visiting Artist, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, 2017      

Elephant Lab, Colart, 2020, London
Aucart Residency Lab 2019, London
Summer House 2018, Düsseldorf, Germany
ARNA Residency House 2019, Harlösa, Sweden

‘Sin Park’, FOA Volume 9 (USA: FOA Magazine, May 28, 2019), p102-105
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WOTISART #24, March 2019, p7-8
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HSBC Collection (London)
Private collections in UK, Germany, Sweden and South Korea