Artist’s Bio

Youngjun CHANG is a scenographer and creative technologist based in both London and Seoul.
Chang builds architectural narratives for artistic and commercial spaces and constructs media performance works based on artificial intelligence-based technology to expand our perception of the characteristics of space and the nature of art.
Chang’s artworks are created within the liminal spaces between reality and the virtual world. He produces diverse outcomes in which at times portrays the physical movements of performers or audiences, and at times reinterprets the performances of various movements through spatial data and digital media. 

장영준은 서울과 런던에서 활동하는 시노그래퍼이자 크리에이티브 테크놀로지스트(creative technologist)이다.
그는 예술공간과 상업공간의 건축적 스토리텔링과 기계지능기반 테크놀로지의 미디어 퍼포먼스를 통해 공간의 장소성, 그리고 예술의 현장성에 대한 우리의 인식을 확장한다.
퍼포머 혹은 관객의 신체적 움직임에서부터 공간데이터와 디지털 미디어를 통해 재해석 된 퍼포먼스 속의 다양한 움직임까지, 그의 작품은 네트워크 사회 속 현실과 가상공간 사이의 접합점에서 부터 출발한다.


Future Theatre Project: Moving Without A Body, Digital Dance Performance | Virtual Show  2019
Living Heritage/Reframing Memory, Site-Specific Performance | V&A Museum, London  Metamorphosis, Dance Performance | The Place Theatre, London
Twelfth Night, Digital Theatre | WCA Theatre, London 
Weaving the Wave, Digital Theatre l Crossspace, London 
Creative Lab, Dance&Technology Performance | Arcade East, London  Open Mic, AV Performance l Cafe 1001 
Electronics, AV Performance l Jazz in the Crypt 
Techno, AV Performance l Grow Tottenham, London


14th Arab Cultural Festival l Coex, Seoul
Uni to Unicorns l Tate Modern, London 
Satellite Project 01 The Beginning l Reinraum Gallery, Düsseldorf 
Satellite Project 02 The Development l 062 Gallery, Chicago 
Digital Drawing l Wimbledon Gallery, London 
The Blue Planet l WCA Gallery, London 
‘Silence of the Horses’ Sculpture | Let’s Run Autumn Festival Organised by Korea Racing  Authority. Sponsored by CJ Group. Seoul, South Korea 


Digital Innovation Season l Central Saint Martins, London
CCI After School Club Invited Lecturer l Creative Computing Institute, London 
Staging the Real Symposium Invited Speaker | National Theatre, London


Winner of Marcus Beale Prize, London, UK